The Best Paint Finish for Kitchen Walls 

If you just moved in to a space of your own, or if you are doing a kitchen upgrade, your head might be spinning on what kind of paint color and paint finish to choose. Deciding on both things should be equally important, especially that you’re dealing with a high-grime and high-traffic place like your kitchen. After deciding on the color of your kitchen, you should imagine how it would look like depending on the paint finish you would use. Of course, you should consider how the wall details will appear and how easily could it be cleaned. The kitchen is not the same with your living room or bedroom because it’s exposed to heat, odor and liquids that might affect its overall appearance.

Best Paint

The question is, what kind of paint finish should you choose? I will share with you some paint finish that I experienced applying in my kitchen wall and I can guarantee they all work out just fine.


Satin or Semi-Gloss? 

Paints will make you choose your pick, it could either be flat gloss or high gloss. A flat finish or what we also call it matte finish is harder to lean but a shinier of glossy one is easier to clean. In choosing the best paint finish, you should consider something that can handle soap, water and elbow grease because there would be a lot of it in the kitchen. That’s why I’m going to let you choose with between a semi-gloss and a satin paint finish because these two are perfect choices.


A semi-gloss typically has more gloss in it that ranges from 45-70%. It has a lovely gleam and also reflects a lot of light that makes the wall not too over-the-top shiny. If it has more gloss content in it, it means that the finish is wipe able and durable, which is a good choice for a kitchen.

However, there are downside to this kind of paint finish. Eventually, they will show crease, crack and other imperfection in the wall. So if you want to use this paint finish, you should be aware of the existing problems your wall has.


This satin finish is often as an alternative to eggshell finish. The difference is that it has more sheen to it. If you use this in your kitchen, the walls will look silky, glowy and soft. It’s also great for resisting stains, mildew and dirty which you often encounter in kitchens. A satin finish will also allow you to easily scrub off this dirt.


This paint finish is sometimes used as an alternative to semi-gloss too. It has a slight sheen and the degree of its sheen is different from one manufacturer to the other that’s why you have to make sure of the exact look of the finish. It’s also used on wall surfaces that requires hardwearing finish.

These are just the basic information you need when upgrading your kitchen, or painting it for the first time. Remember if the color is perfect, the paint finish should be perfect too.


How to Prepare Your Dog for His First Grooming 

No matter how thick or thin your dog’s fur is, if he starts to smell stinky it’s high-time to visit a professional groomer. Bringing your dog to the best dog groomer will make him look great, and of course, smell great.


However, this trip is not an easy trip. It’s not that bathing, because grooming includes, hair shaving or trimming, nail clipping and skin exfoliation. If it’s your dog’s first grooming, then he might not be used to this kind of treatment. To make the visit a smooth one, there are thigs you should consider. We will share it with you and these are only basic stuff.

Grooming Should Start at Home

To not startle your dog with the things he will experience in the grooming clinic, you should practice it at home. Of course, you have to train him how to relax and trust the groomer right? It doesn’t have to be so fancy as what the grooming experts do, you can bathe and brush him so your dog will get used to it. Doing this will make him comfortable when the real grooming will happen.


Also, grooming practice at home is a bonding moment between you and your dog. To start, touch the dog’s head, brush it, and also make sure that you touch his body where the groomer would usually touch so he would get used to it. After this session at home, you can treat your dog with something special as a reward.

Research for Grooming Services

As a first time for your dog to visit a dog groomer, you don’t have to make it as a rush. You should ask around the neighborhood who owns dogs if they have tried dog grooming before. Pet parents can surely recommend you to the best Dog Groomers, Austin, TX they visited before. If you already have few in mind after other people’s references, you can drop by the salon to check it yourself. This way, you would check yourself how orderly and clean the salon is. The person in charge should be accommodating to you too so you would be walked in in the process.

You can also ask about the kind of services they can give your dog if your dog has special needs. This is to ensure if the groomer is capable in handling it. Be honest and upfront if your dog is aggressive or fearful so the dog groomer will know what to expect. If they are also honest and say they won’t be able to handle it, you can go to other pet groomers you have in the list. If the salon looks fine but you are still in doubt, you can still look for more references. Search for reviews about the salon, and if they have good reviews then there’s no reason to doubt anymore.

But, there’s also a new trend now. There’s actually mobile groom salon visiting neighborhoods for pet grooming. If the pet groomer salon is far from your home, you can just call this mobile salon to do the grooming near you.

Protocols When Dropping-off Your Dog

A drop-off is not usually that long because you can always come back later. Pat your dog on the head, say “see you soon”. This will do just fine. Trust the pet groomers because they are professional and love what they do. Always remember if you act nervously in front of your dog, he will pick that up and will do the same. Be cheerful because you would come back for him later.


When the grooming is done, offer him treats and compliments so he would feel more confident. However, you still have an option to stay behind to watch him. Watching the pet groomer do his task will give you some ideas on how to groom your dog, you might be able to learn it for future references.


4 Tips to Keep Your Start-up Business Growing 

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably accomplishing the basics of getting your startup business going. Your product is being bought by people, and these products’ revenue gives you enough profit to continue your business. As of the moment, you’re still working hard to increase the operation of your business rather than treating the business as a side job.

Start-up Business Growing

You’re now working full time on your business, and you know you still have to learn a lot to make your business grow to make your other dreams come too. You’re probably dealing with daily obstacles and setbacks now too. This is hard, you realize that. Honestly, even if you say that you love doing it you’re still doubting yourself whether you still can move forward or not.

During the periods of chaos in continuing the business, we will share with you 4 tips to keep you successful and running.

1. Find Mentors

You’re running a startup business, so it means that there are still aspects of the business that you’re not very familiar with. Find mentors who will help you to achieve your dreams of running the business for a longer time. The best mentors have done what you did and is helping you to fulfill your dreams. They can be anyone with professional background of running the business. Choose the person who doesn’t have conflict of interest, because the last thing you’d want to happen. Most importantly, mentors don’t need anything from you. But, of you have arrangement with them, be specific in it.

2. Know Your Weaknesses

Recognize your weakness, whether it is making sales calls, dealing with customers and others. If you recognize them, do something about it. If you’re not comfortable doing sales talk, spend more time practicing it until you are comfortable. If your weakness is more on speech, spending extra time on speaking engagement will become another opportunity for you to stand out at a new skill. Don’t endure it, face it and become an improved individual because it will help you successfully running your business.

3. Set Goals and Deadlines

Whatever your goals for the business are, set deadlines and adhere them. Write all the things you want to achieve in your business and set a date for you to review. You will be very busy doing the startup business, but you shouldn’t forget the goals you want to achieve. Goal revisions can be done but the important thing is you should achieve it.

4. Stay Fit and Healthy

Doing a startup business is stressful, what more on running it for a longer time and working 7 days a week, 24 hours per day? The stress is probably the worst you experienced, so you should stay fit and health in order to successfully move on with the business. After all, “health is wealth”. You can do exercises at your workplace, using a chair or the stairs. Take a moment to walk, do sit-ups. There are a lot of stretches and workout exercises you can do that only takes 20 minutes of your time every day. Eat healthy too so your bones and muscles will keep functioning. What’s the use of a successful business if the one who’s running it is not healthy?